USA Youth & High School and 6 Degrees Coaching Platform Presented by Major League Rugby

We have partnered with 6 Degree Sport to provide a free coaching platform to all our members across the country. Within the platform you will receive an extensive free curriculum. The curriculum is tailored towards the age group you are coaching and provides the appropriate skills, drills and games to utilize in your practices. They are based on consistent 4 week macro cycles, with progression thereafter.

How to Access:

Head over to Six Degree Sports

  1. Click Login
  2. Enter your details
  3. Enter the days you train, with start & end date, enter your age group and if you are contact, non contact, 15’s, 10’s or 7’s. Once the parameters are set you will have see the entire season laid out


  • Weekly Coaching Tips from the likes of Rod Kafer, Bob Dwyer and Mick Byrne
  • World Rugby Activation Protocol with the best exercises to prepare the body for training and reduce the risk of injury
  • Core Curriculum customized to specific age groups on time coded videos that have written cues and instructions built into each drill, skill and game play video.

Upgraded Features:

Although the free version is extensive, there are additional features that are apart of the upgraded packages which will allow coaches to further engage players both on field and off field via the platform.

  • Session Customization – adjust training sessions to specific needs/situations
  • Invite players, coaches and parents – every person involved with the team is prepared for what will come in the training session
  • In video communication – Utilize the platform to communicate with players directly on videos to improve awareness and skills of that player or the team in general

How to Register

Video Examples

Skill Game Example

Skill Habit Change