North American High School 7s Overview

The North American High School 7s Championship series is a high-performance series of events designed to provide the highest levels of competition to high school aged athletes in the US, Canada, and Caribbean. The series is an invitation only event occurring on a Sept – Aug cycle, synchronized with the school year. While the NAHS7s is a u18 elite boys and girls division series only, each stop in the series will also host u18 open and u16 divisions with possible u14s as well.

Player Eligibility

All participating players must be registered with their respective national governing bodies. The players must conform to the age requirements posted by the NAHS7s series stops. If there are any discrepancies between a tournament stop and series rules, the series rules will take precedent.

For u18 NAHS7s division, a player must be no older than 18 years of age on 1 September of the series year. A player can NOT be a registered player for or enrolled in a University or College. The point of the series is to showcase high school players and therefore collegiate players, regardless of age, are not included as eligible players.

Team Eligibility

All teams must be registered with their respective governing bodies and must have proper tour permits for competitions existing outside their home country.

Teams will be selected into the series based upon past performance, financial viability, reputation, and other deciding factors. It is expected that teams, players, and coaches will uphold the highest standards of sportsmanship, fair play, camaraderie, and the values of the Game of Rugby.


North American High School 7s Rugby Championship

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Rock Rugby Academy

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​Gorilla Rugby Academy

Mickey Patterson



Arizona Bobcats

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​Utah Rugby Academy

Michael Cressler